New Product Development: Design for Manufacturability

At Flexan, we appreciate the intricacies of developing custom rubber parts that will perform under extreme operating conditions.

From the very beginning, when a customer requests a quote, we evaluate the part print with Design for Manufacturability in mind, as well as the long-term performance of the part itself. Our engineers and chemists will review your initial RFQ and part print to look for ways we might improve the rubber formula and the part configuration in order to realize efficiencies in production and assembly.

Flexan acts as a partner in the process to meet your business objectives. As you share your goals for the new product, we advise on the best material and molding process for the application, balancing cost, quality and performance requirements.

We can develop prototypes of both the elastomer compound and the part in small quantities for your testing purposes. We also can arrange for production ramp-up and inventory control to suit your new product launch timetable and sales volume projections.

With manufacturing facilities in both the US and China, Flexan can accommodate production in either or both of our locations, based on your distribution channels and cost considerations. In short, we can help move your new product to market, anywhere in the world.