Quality Statement

Flexan Corporation will satisfy customer needs and expectations by establishing and maintaining an environment which encourages all employees to pursue “never-ending” improvements in quality, productivity, and service to our customers.

We strive to continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system and our commitment to customer satisfaction by monitoring our performance against our established objectives and through leadership that promotes employee involvement. This concept represents Flexan’s commitment to quality and the increasing need to better serve a growing and demanding customer base.

Flexan Corporate Environmental Policy Statement

The Flexan Corporation and its wholly owned subsidiaries (FMI Inc. and Flexan Suzhou) are committed to protecting the environment and being a responsible user of its resources. The realization of this policy is a key objective and the responsibility of every employee.

The Flexan Corporation will:
  • Comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and co-operate with all governmental and international agencies in their inspection and enforcement activities.
  • Incorporate environmental considerations in the company's planning and operations decisions.
  • Develop and communicate environmental objectives throughout the corporation so that all employees understand their individual responsibilities and are appropriately trained in carrying out these objectives.
  • Manage operations in a responsible manner and respond effectively to avoid and/or mitigate adverse environmental impacts associated with custom rubber manufacturing operations.
  • Conduct periodic assessments of operations to evaluate, measure, and assure environmental performance and compliance.
  • Participate in the formulation of prudent and responsible environmental laws and regulations that may impact our business and foster a constructive working relationship with environmental organizations and agencies.
  • Promote and apply recycling activities, efficient energy usage, effective waste management, and best industry practices regarding environmental issues.
  • Commit the necessary resources needed to implement these principles.

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