Bonding Rubber to Plastic and Other Substrates

Rubber to plastic bonding or insert molding is an intricate process, given that plastic cannot endure the same temperature and pressure that metals can. However, plastic is favored as a component for being lightweight, less expensive, and unbendable, which works well for certain applications. Flexan can source the proper plastic insert, if needed, as well as develop the elastomer and chemical bonding compound required for maximum performance of the part. Often, over-molding is used to completely cover the plastic part and serve as a barrier to hazards in the operating environment.

Chemical Bonding

Our engineers and chemists work to improve the quality of the bond through various steps, such as:

  • Degreasing and cleaning
  • Abrading
  • Chemical etching
  • Applying a bonding agent or adhesive

Materials: Plastic and Other Substrates

  • Modified PPO
  • 30% glass-reinforced plastic
  • PEEK
  • Ceramics
  • Filter media