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We provide trusted manufacturing solutions for custom designed components and devices which enable our global customer base to develop innovative products which transform the markets they serve


Our people and our technologies will deliver differentiated levels of performance, ensuring our global customers can depend on our commitment to quality and results throughout their full product life-cycle, while enabling us to achieve above market growth among leading contract manufacturing companies in the markets we serve




Flexan, LLC is a global manufactuer of custom, high-precision silicone, rubber, and thermoplastic components for a broad array of product and industry applications, primarily used in medical devices but including hearing technology, miniature pneumatics, industrial controls, and aerospace and defense industries, among others. Flexan, LLC markets it’s products under the FMI, Flexan, and Medron brands.

The FMI and Medron healthcare businesses delivers cleanroom manufactured, assembled, and packaged silicone, and thermoplastic molded components and extrusion for use in implantable Class III and disposable Class II and Class I medical devices.

The Flexan brand is synomous with custom molding and expertise with molding difficult geometries as well as with bonding rubber to metal and other substrates, delivering high-precision, niche parts to a range of industries. Flexan (Suzhou) Precision Rubber Products, Ltd. is a wholly foreign owned entity in China . Suzhou manufactures products for both FMI and Flexan. Flexan, LLC sells its products worldwide and is headquartered in Lincolnshire, IL.

Flexan, LLC has over 70 years of custom contract manufacturing experience and is owned by Linden Capital Partners, a Chicago-based private equity firm focused exclusively on leveraged buyouts in the health care and life sciences industries. Visit Linden LLC to learn more.

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